Outcomes & Impact

Our Impact- In Their Words

Creating impact is making a difference. It's about how someone is different, better than they were before we met. Here's what our students have to say:

  • “I learned how to manage money and myself. I like that we learned about our selves and not just how to become an build a business but how to manage it.”
  • “I learned how to prepare a script and how to deliver what I’m saying. I also learned how you make money on YouTube.”
  • “I learned how not to give away my business and it’s profit to the person I borrowed money from.”

We create impact through a positive and engaging experience.

The Reviews Are In…

  • Coach Connie gets a 9.7 Average Rating By Students
  • 10.0 Rating By Partners and Parents
  • 100% of Students and Partners said they would recommend our classes.

Partners and Parents love us too...

"Connie is amazing! Our students loved her personality and passionate approach to teaching the materials."

"My child really had a great time, he said that the kids were all cool and he learned a lot. He said that Coach Connie was so nice and fun. It was a great learning experience for him."

Adult Entrepreneurs

Working in the Real World

"This course is amazing! It gives me a new perspective of using social media, makes me know the power of social media, and it teaches me how to use social media for marketing purposes. I'm a visual person, the Slides with Connie's energy released through her voice kept me alive & engaged. I also loved  the fact that we were able to practice what we learned as we went. Making things much clearer.  Thank you Connie!"

Our programs are designed to engage and inspire while reinforcing PA SAS including Technology and Society; Markets and Economic Systems; Career Preparation; Writing; and Communication.

They are also highly effective at reinforcing PA SAS topics by utilizing an engaging framework relevant to the youth we serve. 

We teach digital literacy in a way that is practical and empowers success.

What started as an inkling

Has become a movement

Digital Bridges Pittsburgh’s mission is to close the digital divide and build vibrant communities by using digital savvy, entrepreneurship, and emotional agility business skills to reduce poverty, build equity, encourage individualized learning, improve employability, and nurture strong social connections. We believe that with an internet connected computer, there is nothing you can't learn, do, be, or accomplish.

2020-2021 By The Numbers

226 Youth and Adults Served Across 8 delivered programs. 

70% Youth, 30% Adult

5 New Partnerships

100% of Students and Partners said they would recommend our class: The Business of Youth: Entrepreneurship and Career Prep Training.

Coach Connie scores a 9.7 Star Rating

Quality Programs Including: 

Curriculum that meets the PA Standards for Entrepreneurship for 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 11th grades.

Our Signature Programs FAR exceed the state standards: 

The Business of You

So, You Want To Be A YouTube Star

Digital You: Protect and Prosper

Emotional Intelligence: Your Super Secret Skill Set

These programs reinforce standards for grades 8-12 as students engage in individualized learning that trains them to achieve personal goals and provides access to curriculum topics that are often under-taught in schools.


Upon our foundation we began teaching workshops as a way to create immediate impact with introductory “light-touch” content that is practical and easily applied outside the classroom.

This was also a means to begin creating the curriculum for our youth program.

Total of 78 Served in 2017-2018

  •  Together We Tech/The Age Friendly Challenge
  • So You Want to Be a YouTube Star
  • Brand You: Protect and Promote
  • Organizing and Visualizing Your Data
  • Social Media Unlocked
Making a Greater Hazelwood

We are excited to participate in the Making a Greater Hazelwood Mini-grant cohort, currently in its second year. 

The Business of You(th) is currently running at the Hazelwood Library Wednesday’s from 4-5.

Our signature program combines the benefits of individual coaching with group learning and activities focused on areas which have been identified as common skill gaps. 

Total of 27 served in 2018-2019 School Year

Mentorship Pilot

Mentorship Pilot with JADA House International in 2018 Served 12 Youth

  • Created 12 individual mentee career plans using SmartFutures software.
  • Helped with homework- leading to increased grades, high-school graduation for 4 members, and acceptance at CCAC for 2 members.
  • Helped participants job hunt and seek internships resulting in 3 new jobs and 1 new internship. 
  • Taught and instilled emotional intelligence in participants with demonstrable progress in communication skills.
Instruction in Partnership with Auberle

Google IT Support Certification:

Students gain skills needed to enter the workforce in an IT Support Specialist (or similar) job. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7pm. Currently serving ~12 youth. 


Students ages 17-24 participate in this 5 badge program that introduces learners to the basic concepts and skills involved in building robots. Classes are held Monday from 3-6 pm.

Featured Story

Yates Dreamz Event Planning

This summer we have had the privilege to help Chris (16) and Esaun (12) to create their business Yates Dreamz. Yates Dreamz is an event planning business run by Chris and Esaun. These two amazing young men have already handled several parties and banquets in their journey as young entrepreneurs. Over the course of the summer we met twice weekly to work on their business. 

Chris and Esaun are rockstarts- They have demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm for their project and accomplished the following milestones:

  • Establishing brand colors
  • Creation of business logo
  • Creation of business flyer
  • Creation of business cards
  • Creation of social media channels
  • Organized pictures from their work for use in social media and marketing
  • Working on business website (to be launched fall 2019)
  • Creation of business plan including current goals, roles and responsibilities, financial decisions and quotes, and growth goals for the future. 

In addition to business milestones Chris and Esaun learned about:

  • Prospecting: Talking to potential customers, getting customer information, the value of following up with potential customers.
  •  Working with partners and taking feedback. 
  • How to organize photos for use on website, flyers, and social media. 
  • How to create a business Facebook page.
  • How to create social media posts. 
  • How to do research for your business plan. 

Chris and Esaun also have the opportunity to advance their business by earning items for their business (i.e. purchase of business cards, website hosting for the year) by assisting Digital Bridges as interns. These two enthusiastic young men are poised for success as they continue to grow their business. 

Please see: https://www.facebook.com/Yatesdreamz/