Youth Programs

Short term engagements range from 2 hours to 2 day events

Long term engagements include 8 week, semester and full year.

Our youth programs are focued on helping youth set their personal goals then providing them with with the skills, coaching and technical assistance needed to achieve it, placing special emphasis on using digital tools and business skills in a practical way that is success focused for a lifetime.

The Business of Youth

The Business of Youth is a holistic program that teaches the social, technical, and business skills needed to achieve.

We will:

DO Together: Each week we will spend time on our passion projects and creating our own life blueprints.

Youth are assisted in setting their individual goal and provided coaching and technical assistance to make it a reality. By creating a safe space to express ourselves and collaborate, we all succeed.

LEARN Together: Exploring real-world skills that will empower you for a lifetime. 

Emotional Intelligence and Workforce Preparedness: Learn how to manage situations and your feelings in a way that benefits you and helps you avoid negative drama. Learn critical thinking and problem solving, how to handle job interviews, manage your parents, professionally network, and more. 

Digital and Information Literacy: Learn to be a Savvy Surfer. We discuss topics like: Online safety and protecting your data; building YouTube Channels or websites; finding and using digital tools (often for free!); identifying reliable resources and how to spot fake news.

Business Skills: We cover a wide range of business skills from personal financial literacy, to understanding how businesses work and writing your own business plan. We believe that a strong business acumen builds a lifetime of opportunity. 

Social Media Influence: We are all on social media. Having access to these platforms means everyone has a voice. We teach youth how to master their online brand and voice.  Every text, image, icon or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting.

So, You Want to Be a YouTube Star?

You're a star! The world just doesn't know it yet.

This interactive program teaches about the realities of doing business online and how to be a social media influencer.

Social media is a part if all our lives, it's important that we know how to navigate and master these incredible tools.

Everyone has a platform, Everyone has a voice, Everyone has a BRAND. We help you find yours.

Whether its a hobby, a side gig, or a full career ambition, we will show you how your can build a business or be a social media influencer.

Learn How to Master:

Your Channel Identity: Why do you want to have an online presence? Why should people watch you?

How to determine your goals. It takes more than a few cell phone videos to be a successful YouTuber. It requires action oriented goals.

Defining and growing your audience: Targeting is key.

How to GROW your Audience: Two ways: Hustle (organic growth) and Paid (through advertising).

Tools of the trade: From free to professional grade, we will introduce tools to help you move forward.

How do you make money? Monetizing your channel and finding sponsorships.


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