"With an internet connected computer, there is nothing you can't learn, do, be, or accomplish.

We'll show you how. "

Connie Capiotis

Executive Director

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The Business of You(th).

With access to a computer connected to the internet there is nothing that you can’t do, learn, be, or accomplish.

We believe that tech and business skills combined are the most effective workforce preparedness tools which empower youth enable social justice, and equity.

So, You Want to Be a YouTube Star?

Everyone has a platform, everyone has a voice, everyone has a BRAND. Master yours.

Is social media a valuable tool or does it run your life? We teach you how to master your online brand and voice, communicate effectively online (a.k.a avoid trolls and get those likes and shares!), develop personal boundaries around social media use, and learn how to monetize your channel (i.e. MAKE MONEY!).

The Business of YOU!

8-week Adult Master Class and Coaching

The Business of You is jump start to your dreams.

Thinking about a side gig? Want to sharpen your tech savvy? Sell your art, start a restaurant, or even a plumbing or trade business? The possibilities are limitless.

Master your techology by learning how to protect yourself online AND how to "promote" yourself by learning and using virtually infinite digital resources. Available in 1-1 and group formats.

Adult Workshops and Training Range from 2 hours to 2 days.


Digital Savvy and Safety

Brand You: Your Image, Your Resources

Social Media Masters


Digital Bridges Pittsburgh’s mission is to close the digital divide and build vibrant communities by using technology and business skills to reduce poverty, build equity, encourage individualized learning, improve employability, and nurture strong social connections.

We help people build better lives by providing access to common technology, training people to effectively and safely use online resources, then guiding them via coaching and technical assistance to achieving their individual success goals.

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Short term engagements range from 2 hours to 2 days. Long term engagements include 8-week, semester, and year long options. We tailor the depth of our program to the needs of yours. Don't be shy, contact us to discover how we can help you master the tech in your life and go from blah to boomin'.

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