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Understanding the fundamentals of technology is essential.

Learn to master technology and social media in both your personal and professional lives. This program takes a practical look at how to both protect yourself online and how to use technology promote yourself in an increasingly digital world. We teach smart strategies to safeguard yourself online and how to take advantage of the multitude of resources available with a simple internet connection.
Learn how to protect your data and your devices, why defining your personal brand and social presence is important, and how to use digital resources to further yourself educationally, professionally, and personally. Hint: Any hobby you can image, you can learn to do online!
You’ll leave with your individual plan to protect your digital identity and promote yourself via technology. Mastering your digital life means mastering your everyday life. Bring your questions and ideas to join the conversation. See you there!


Why is this important?

We live in a digital world as much as the physical world, yet the rules are very different.

  • User vs Fluency
  • Everyone has a platform, everyone has a voice…everyone has a brand.
  • If you don’t define your brand, you leave it up to strangers.
  • Social Media and Technology impact every aspect of our lives.
  • Essential to both protect AND promote yourself

Safety First:

  • Which Platforms should you use?
  • What is safe to post?
  • Visibility: Who can see your posts?
  • What gets deleted, and what stays forever?
  • The cloud, bots, crawlers, and trolls.
  • Demystifying tech terms.
  • How to protect yourself and your data.
  • How to spot a scam.
  • Be a continuous learner- it’s not optional.

Brand You:

  • How to define your personal brand.
  • Resources. Promote yourself via further education and learning.
  • Professional opportunities: Networking, digital tools.
  • Digital Promotion: Two ways to build an audience.
  • What’s free and what’s not.
  • Legitimate ways to make money online.

Flexible Learning:

Protect and Promote is a flexible curriculum tailored to the knowledge level of the audience, from digital beginners, to techies polishing their depth of understanding. The program is also flexible in terms of time frame and depth.

Options Include:

  • Semester Length Course
  • After School Program Format
  • 3 Class Series

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